KCTU terms of Pledge to trade advertising on KCTU43 for businesses services or products

1. Businesses must first contact KCTU at 316-267-8855 to see if their services/products qualify for the trade.
2. Once qualified,  business owner sets the amount and services that they are willing to trade for advertising.
3. If KCTU has a prospect for the services/products offered a pledge to trade is signed by advertising business.
4. If KCTU does not have an existing prospect advertiser can sign a pledge to perform a specific service at a later date.
5. KCTU reserves the right to sell, trade, gift or hold the pledge to perform.
6. Advertising business owner agrees to perform the services within a reasonable period of time for whoever holds the pledge.
7. If at the time service is requested, business is unable to perform the services, the pledge can be bought back for cash.
8. If advertiser has an existing commercial KCTU will view to approve the content and quality of video.
9. If advertiser does not have a existing commercial, KCTU will produce a 30 sec commercial for $300 as part of trade.
10. Advertiser will select the channel or channels advertising is to run.
11. Advertising can be run as ROS (run of schedule) spots or as Rate Card spots with specific times.
12. Advertising schedules may be renewed for trade if terms have been met by advertiser.
13. Advertising schedule can be spread over up to 13 weeks if desired.

14. KCTU cannot guarantee sales as our job is present advertisers offers to the public for their consideration

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